Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat

28 Feb 2009
If you haven’t heard of Little Boots, please crawl back under the rock you came from. For the rest of you wondering if The Times, BBC, Guardian et al are right in hailing the Blackpool singer as the Next Big Thing. Little Boots is likely to be a short lived phenomenon, with the disco beats and eighties vibe oh so fashionable right now.  The bright lights and candy of Blackpool are evident, there being an almost plastic feel to the songs, in the plastic there to be enjoyed way, rather than disposable crap way. It would be easy to let a song like this become samey and dull, with the repetitive lyrics (oh the irony of the title), but Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard production is evident and with clever digital construction and innovative electronic crescendos creating kaleidoscopic repetition.  The click of the tape deck at the end is a nod to the bedroom production Little Boots has scored cool points for. B side Meddle is a slower tempo offering, more chilled, and Love Kills has a bridge reminiscent of The Saturdays. As Victoria Hesketh says, Little Boots is the name of this project – it’s not clever and it’s not heartfelt, representative of the inner depths of her soul but it is escapist and fun. How long this project will last is not clear, but for pure neon thrills, Little Boots is where it’s at.

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