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Little Comets: Worry

Released on December 12th 2011 by Dirty Hit

Reviewed by Francesca Baker

Who could have worries or woes listening to Little Comets. One of It’s All Happening’s favourite why aren’t  they bigger bands, new single Worry is the perfect reminder as to why. Thundering slaps on the drums open, and wailing and whirring Rob’s vocals smoothly express concern as to the activities and temperament of the protagonist. Little Comets lyrics veer towards commentary on modern British society, but with the jangling guitars and pots and pans being all perky and jerky and rhythmic and rambunctious riffs jauntily carrying on are always far from being pretentious. Just another damn good tune for the Newcastle lads. Keep dancin’. Although, obviously, in these modern days, you can download it from 12th December, the handcrafted style of the art work and ransom lettered lyrics plastered across the cover mean that in this case, maybe CD is better…

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