When you mention going to see live music to people in the UK, everyone immediately thinks about going to see large, well-established bands. Whilst this is undoubtedly a natural reaction it has become too dominant. Tickets for these shows are usually very expensive, and often the venues are very impersonal.
The alternative, going to see smaller bands, is not often thought about in the same way. Many people will plan months in advance to see a big band, whilst if they see a smaller band it will be a spur of the moment decision, or they will stumble into it without prior planning.
This is a shame as many of the smaller bands will put on as good a show as big bands, the tickets are cheaper, and the venues are much more personal. In terms of a night out, seeing a smaller band can be a much cheaper and more rewarding experience than seeing more established acts.
The best way to change this situation is to make gigs a proper destination for audiences. This is difficult. Part of the reason people will plan in advance for bigger gigs is that tickets are often scarce. But more importantly these big acts have advertising and promotion budgets that dwarf those of smaller bands: they can begin promoting earlier and reach wider audiences.


Smaller bands must take the initiative here and promote their gigs themselves as far in advance as they can, and keep promoting right up until the date of the show. Very often hear about a gig as soon as the band have got it, and then nothing until a few days before. The key to getting bigger audiences is to promote from the day you get the gig to the big day.
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A guest post from Unsigned Gigs, an online gig guide for up and coming bands and artists. Audiences can easily find great live music wherever they want in the UK, whilst bands and artists can promote their gigs and music to a wide audience.

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