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Luminaires – Walk Away

Review written by Michael Huggins
Upon first hearing about Luminaires my brain was filled with running thoughts of why a circus troope would release a song called Walk Away. After listening to it I can confirm that they are in fact not a circus troope and are instead a five piece indie rock band very very much to my liking.
This is the follow up to their first single, Solid Gold, and is complete with music video. Without a shadow of a doubt, I have to say that they have released it at a perfect time. The blend of indie beats, soft guitar chords and the firm voice of Aaron Sands pull you into their Indie-pop world and give you an acoustic make over to set you straight. With a mainstream Brit-indie scene disappearing faster than friendships in Europe, it’s necessary to search out new bands to fill the places of Oasis, Coldplay and the like.
And ladies and gentleman, I think Luminaires might be on to something. The fact that they reached the semi finals of ‘Live and Unsigned’ is proof enough that they deserve a listen, but seriously, get on YouTube and listen to them. It WILL be worth your time. Now, I’ve never been a massive fan of indie-pop, I prefer my rock, but this band have got really good vibes and a sound that, although capturing the same indie-pop-ness that is characteristic of the genre, creates a picture of exactly how these guys think and exactly how they want to play. They have already set up their base in Solid Gold and they are now slipping their way into the world’s view with Walk Away, which is a good song even for the likes of my rock-trained ears.
Even the video is good. It’s subtle; no over the top sequences and the band aren’t trying to be the next best director, which is good for me as a film student because that’s what I want to do, and I like it when bands stick to music and let us make the films.
All in all, listen to them, the link is below. They will give you gratification that Indie-pop is not lost if that is your favourite genre, and if it’s not, then you may just surprise yourself by liking this one.


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