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Mazes – Bodies

Let’s get this out of the way first – on this record Jack Cooper’s vocals are sort of irritating. Yet also interesting, which is probably what attracted Brighton based super hip label Fat Cats to Mazes in the first place, that and their own uber indie credentials –  bassist Conan Roberts runs Italian Beach Babes label and and singer/guitarist Jack Cooper runs label Suffering Jukebox, both of which release on cassette.


Loops of bouncing beats keep Bodies going, the skewed summer vibes undulating along, unflustered, as it rolls and rolls and rolls, occasional sustained quivers teasing and threatening to break into something more, until 6.07 into the 7.50 length song when it suddenly germinates into a synthtastic, fizzing, stomach flipping dazzle of a handsintheairlikeyoujustdon’tcare kind of tune. Wonderful. I would suggest just fast forwarding to that six minute point and doing away with the rest, but like desert, perhaps it is sweeter due to the wait. Like the video, literally just couples sat on chairs, the whole thing is slightly disconcerting, yet hypnotic and addictive. Taken from their recent album Ores & Minerals.

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