November 4th 2012

Reviewed by Dee Range

Vienna’s Mile Me Deaf may have this country’s contemporary music slackers scared to look out from their plaid comfort blankets.
At this, their up close and personal first UK show there’s a tactile lo-fi feel around. But as the trebly petals of angst laden guitar fall and the laconic vocal delivery is in place, a widescreen pop focus is immediately evident. The splendid Heels Come Naturally kicks forth and sound like the of the soundtrack the group’s road trip all the way from Vienna with its  Apache-beat groove and wayside gothic glow.
The rhythm section (especially on Rude Boy and Flo) is tight, metronomic, and in fact one of the group’s finest moments on this night is where an 80’s MBV type whammy barred element skuzzes out and delivers the frenzy of Camera and You’re a Walking Maze.
Despite a rough around the edges feel common to slacker rock, there’s a transient feel of oeuvre at times. I spotted an early Eurythmics influence at one point – and beside some toothsome noisy guitar. What’s impressive about Mile Me Deaf is the way these pop structures infiltrate in a way which makes your body move. The ramshackle Call Us Rats is almost aqueous, in some ways reminiscent of second album MGMT or Velvets.
Over in the UK for one night only, at this It’s All Happening show with The Switch and Shout Timber, me and the rest of the crowd can only applaud and thank them for their effort. Ones to watch.
Photo by AP Childs

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