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Music. Bingo!

I don’t like numbers. I’m a words girl. And try as they might over the years, bingo callers have , managed to make the numbers that exciting. Legs eleven, two little birds, however you dress it up, digits are still digits. A bit of competition injects some pizzazz into proceedings, but I still find it difficult to let loose over a grid full of figures. Musical bingo on the other hand has long intrigued me. Guess the song, win some prizes, have a drink – genius.
August 25th saw me pop my bingo cherry, and I’m thrilled that it was at Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy, at the acheingly cool Drink Shop Do in King’s Cross. The queen of musical bingo, American Jess has been bringing her show to both sides of the Atlantic, with residencies at Drink Shop Do, the National Theatre, Shoreditch House , The Hospital Club as well as Berry Park Brooklyn, Soho House in New York and the 606 Club. The format is the same as normal bingo – but with a far heftier dose of glamour and cool. The plan of action is as follows a)listen to DJ Helix spin the tunes. b) recognise them and c) mark them on your card d) on completion of a line or house wave arms in the air e) run up and win prizes, of the quirky and kitsch variety. Rounds cover everything from 90s to Motown, Musicals to Colours, Commercials to Love, providing plenty of opportunities for a singalong as well as furrowed brow of frustration as you realise you really should know the song.
Miss Jess Indeedy is a true hostess, and every quarter hosts a members only event at the lovely Shoreditch House. The setting is their gorgeous roof garden, the haunt of Madonna et al,  and prizes step up to the mark, Musical Bingo and Shoreditch House clubbing together to come up with luxury prizes, such as a bottle of champagne, free bowling and beer for 6 in their private lanes, or a round of our bespoke cocktails, the Musical Bingotini and the Jesspresso Martini. Of course, such a sumptuous setting is by invitation only, so if you fancy getting on the list, I suggest you start making friends at one of the upcoming events….

Thursday, September 8th at 8pm – The Baby Bathhouse, Stoke Newington, £5
Tuesday, September 13th 7:30 pm – Shoreditch House, London, Members Only
Thursday, September 22nd at 8pm – Drink Shop & Do, King’s Cross £5
Saturday, October 15th 9pm –  Wah Wah Live! The Scala, £15

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