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Must sees at this year's Escape

Dappled Cities
Thursday 22.15 @ Above Audio
Friday 13.00 @ Horatios
Saturday 15.20 @ Digital
Upon hearing the news that this year’s Great Escape would be hosting a throng of Australian artists, I immediately assumed the stars would be The Temper Trap, Wolfmother and Jet. However, perhaps the jewelled cork of the hat is Dappled Cities, who released their third album ‘Zounds’ in summer 2009. The vocals of Dave, a mature falsetto, and Tim complement each other and lead the evocative and experimental indie melodies that form the base of each track. Dappled Cities certainly believe in their own ability; they have moved to London for ’a couple of months’ to try and gig as much as possible to crack the British music industry. With such dizzying and danceable, as well as emotional and enlightening songs, surely it’s only a matter of time..
Think About Life
Friday 19.15 @ Digital
Imagine bubble gum and disco lights tumble dried with giddy guitars and rapping chipmunks. Maxing out on bubble gum and disco lights
‘Having My Baby’ is a riot of a track made for may-hem on the dance floor. The hypnotic textures of ‘Sweet Sixteen’ demand hands in the air, a party anthem for the masses. With a vigour and vivacity so often missing, don’t go and see Think About Life unless you are ready to rave like never before.

Chapel Club

Saturday 21.45 @ Life
Indie five piece Chapel Club have drawn comparisons to The Smiths and Joy Division. Unsurprising, considering the dark, moody vocals of lead singer Lewis Bowman. Indeed, upon hearing ‘O Maybe I’ I thought I thought it was a new Morrissey track. Summarised in one word, it’s superb. Not the most energetic of live bands but with such great tunes it’s fine to let the music do the talking.


Friday 21.45 @ Jam
This is possibly going to be the first review that hasn’t mentioned Stornoway and Mumford & Sons in the same sentence….oh bugger! Well anyway, despite the ridiculous pigeon holing of the two bands which has seen Stornoway labelled as the new Mumfords (bugger, again..), they are actually pretty different. Stornoway are a lot less ‘commercial’, with a more authentic vibe than a lot of the folk revival that has fiddled and plucked its way into the mainstream. Stornoway’s subtle energy comes from a rich palette of instruments and styles, and tunes like ‘Zorbing’ and ‘Fuel up’ are packed with brilliant instrumentals and delightful lyrics. The Oxford group are sure to pull a good crowd for their set at Jam on Friday.

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