My Name Is

If you can’t decide who to see, why not just judge a book by its cover, or a band by its name, and check out the best named bands.
Two Minute Noodles
Infinitely more palatable and less processed than the food they are named after, Two Minute Noodles sound like the feet of Morris Dancers running up and down a Hammond Organ. If you can imagine that.
Mountain Goat Frenzy
I just want to know where these guys got in a frenzy with mountain goats in Hull. Especially goats that inspire such punky wails and swirling percussion.
Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement
Not as jolly as their name suggests, Jon Jones and the Beatnik Movement are an intense five piece with enough reverb and snarl to scare off any wanna be „punk‟ boy bands. Deranged and dangerous.

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