My Tiny Robots – Zut Alors

Released on January 2012 on Woodthief Records

Reviewed by Francesca Baker

The second of a set of three singles from Scot band My Tiny Robots, Zut Alors is a song of ambitious yet fully achieved architecture that. Opening with an almost country twang on vocals from Dylan Childs and Ryan Marinello, and padding along like Modest Mouse meets The Coral, we soon are hurled into thunderous vocals, morphing disco beats. Like Wild Beasts and Spring Offensive, My Tiny Robots have created and delivered a captivating sense of discord that sits perfectly. The quirky and faintly farcical chorus of ‘Je t’adore, baby, zut alors’ alongside such expansive and epic song structure is a masterstroke which enables the track to be at once sweetly silly and full of muscular doggedness. Great.

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