New Band of Today – The Rumour

I like the idea of leaving things for people to find. A book you enjoyed and want to spread the literature love about. A zine crafted with staples and scissors. Some cards with inspirational quotes to make the finder smile. (Actually, investigate Found Magazine, it’s great.) Anyway, few pieces of lost property lead to a call from the A&R guy who found it in the back of his cab one night on the way home. Fortuitous it may be, but thankfully ‘La Colere (anger management)’ by The Rumour in its mix of pop and synths, the track lends itself to deserved luck. We’ve been saying for a while how not a lot has been coming over to these shores from Ireland, so it’s exciting to see a band even younger than Ash were when they first landed with the synapse tingling ‘Goldfinger.’ Clearly passionate about their music, it could be exciting times for The Rumour.

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