I could probably report better results from Elixir Health’s New Nordic Bio Firm capsules had I strictly followed the recommended diet and cut out all wheat, dairy, fat, alcohol, sugar and meat. However, being pretty sure that this diet eliminates a number of the fundamental food groups, and being pretty keen on keeping my sanity on social life, I decided to see how the combination of herbs, based upon Danish health practices, could support my normal way of living. Even accompanied by lashings of red wine, toast and the occasional piece of full fat cheese I am pleased to report that my skin looks clearer (thank the Nettle and Thyme extract), my digestion has improved (that will be the Psyllium, Chicory root and Citrus Fibres), my hangovers seem to have been marginally less painful (probably thanks to the wonders that the extracts of Dandelion, Globe artichoke), and the tummy seems a wee bit flatter (yay for Celery Seed.) At £37.49 for a month’s supply, it is comparable in cost to other detox plans on the market. I’m not utterly convinced by the concept of ‘detox’ programmes, but this does seem to be packed full of nutrients, so may be worth a try. 

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