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North Wall Cosa – In the Heart of It

North Wall Cosa

In The Heart Of It

Somewhere, in the dark reaches of England, a town called Grimsby exists. A town that on the outside doesn’t seem to give much or take much. Until now. North Wall Cosa, an eclectic lounge rock band have arrived, and with grace.

 Their EP In the Heart of It is a brilliant opening to what could be a great band for British lounge rock. I first saw this mad mix of folks at an It’s All Happening Friday night gig at the King’s Head in Acton Town, London (something you all should see). When they started playing I was engrossed in conversation whilst staring almost aimlessly at an old-school arcade set up (Pac-Man and DK included), but that soon ended because my ears were graced with music I never expected in a little pub in a part of London I didn’t even know existed. The energy in the room soon rose, and everyone began listening and enjoying the sounds from the stage.

And this sound has been captured on CD for you all. It opens with a calm ballad, complete with a piano/keyboard intro in Street Addict and blends rhythmically into the second track Bury the Sin. Before leading onto Let it go Tonight, an almost jazzy, slow paced but catchy song that seems that top of the opening trilogy of songs which, to my ears, seem to echo the times of Dire Straits. But its the last track Here I’ll Stay that I love the most. A true lounge rock song that is just at home on my rock themed iPod as it is in a coffee shop near Covent Garden.

An EP that really has theme, and shows exactly the kind of music the band themselves love. The only problem I have with the CD is when I saw the band live (instrumental solos on bass, keyboard and drums included) the resident singer, one Simon Millward, really gave it his all and introduced and old school rock/grunge mix of vocals that topped the set and this doesn’t seem present on the CD as he isn’t needing to project his voice like he did in a crowded pub on a Friday night. But I’m sure if any of you see them live (seriously give them a chance) you’ll understand exactly where they’re coming from without problem.

Get hold of the EP if you can, take a listen, find a show and enjoy, knowing it’s the greatest thing from Grimsby since smoked fish.

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