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Oberhofer – Notalgia EP


Spangling sparkling songs, muffled delivery, and an optimistic sounding take on a dark event (the suicide of a friend). So far, so Oberhofer. Notalgia EP is an endearing and elemental set of five songs (well, four and a bit), alarmingly personal yet arms wide open welcoming. Opening with a tragic rumination time and place You & Me (Still Together In The Future) is a musical daydream, clinging on to what could have been. Three minutes in its rousing big boom boom dizzyingly veers off into the stratospheres. On debut Time Capsules he referred to his song writing as ‘a time capsule of exactly how I’m feeling at a particular moment.’ Very much a diary set to sound, Notalgia is not only personal content but delivered in his style, with the usual whistles and oohs, vulnerabilities wrapped up in tinkling eloquence.  The musical interlude that punctuates Got Yr Letter and Earplugs is the most overt response to the death of his friend, the words spoken over the top being ‘it’s July 26th, 2012, and I’m coming to terms with death.’ The third person recapitulation that ‘he’s coming to terms with death’ offer that take of watching ones self from outside and then blurs into the quivering twang that kicks off Earplugs.’Its direct vocal questioning ‘Can you hear me now?’ a reflection of the ‘too lates’ that brim when things are over. Got Yr Letter is relaxed and comfortable sounding track, but one that quivers as it considers past pains, sealing old wounds and choosing not to open them again. Together/Never is endearing and elemental song, concluding that simply ‘I can’t regret,’ its piano crescendo an epic feeling ending to such a short set of songs. As ever it is an eccentric lo-fi creation, startlingly beautiful blend of sounds that are harmonised together, a messy set of tunes that have the same personality. A personality that attracts and charms. Lovely.

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