Official Secrets Act – Understanding Electricity

30 March 2009

Francesca Baker

Every song sounds different, but this is not a case of a finger in too many pies—more evidence of the supreme talent of this band. A delightful and sophisticated pick and mix of juxtapositions, ‘Understanding Electricity’ is difficult to pin down.
The plaintive crying of ‘save the town’ that sees out Momentary Sanctuary’ is a beautiful contrast to the soaring triumphant choruses that carry the song. ‘The Girl From The BBC’ starts with an ominous piano, but as soon as the drum beat kicks the intensity of the song hits you. ‘Head For Herod’ is the only potential contender for the skip button, lacking the change of pace that characterises so many of the songs.
‘Hold The Line’ must be a contender for the indie tune of spring, and ‘So Tomorrow’ gets better and better as the song goes on. The frenetic edgy guitar that loops over and over at the end of the first chorus to plunge you into the verse gets more intense as the song progresses, so that by the end it’s all flailing limbs and smiling faces.
All elegance and excitement, Official Secrets Act are a band to soundtrack all emotions. I don’t know what imperial history they learned at Leeds uni, but OSA are certainly looking to conquer.

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