There’s a bandwagon in town and the record companies are jumping on board. Heartened by the upsurge in sales for bands featuring on the bill of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, and keen to provide for anyone grinning from ear to ear during Danny Boyle’s epic opening ceremony extravaganza on Friday (i.e the whole of Britain, or at least all those with a sense of humour and warm fuzzy heart), Universal Music’s Isles Of Wonder is the purchase for you. Not stuffy, just sublime, not ordered and boring, but open hearted and punk spirited, a dazzling and dizzying production celebrating the vibrant and alive popular culture of Britain, both the Olympic opening ceremony and its soundtrack are a grand vivid account of Britain, delivered with a huge dollop or humour and a host of self-deprecation. You could of course just listen to the Spotify playlist here.

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