Vice and Marshall Headphones have teamed up for a new twelve part documentary – On The Road. The series presented by Jesse Hughes, frontman of Eagles Of Death Metal, and Les Savy fav lead singer, Tim Harrington, celebrates the travelling rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, paying tribute to the unsung, behind the scenes heroes who make it all possible.
Jesse and Tim’s journeys encounter some of the greatest people from the rock ‘n’ roll world. They meet legends including Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and his legendary soundman Hutch; Jef Hickey, who’s worked with some incredible rockers including Megadeth and Motörhead; Phil Kaufman who has worked with The Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa, and is most famous for stealing Gram Parson’s corpse and setting it on fire; Nick Rucker, who’s a one man road crew for Steel Panther; the oldest roadie in the world: Ben Dorcy III aka Lovey, who has been traveling the road for fifty years working closely with the likes of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson; and Pyro Pete as he prepares the pyrotechnic display for forthcoming tours with Kiss, Mötley Crüe and Katy Perry. He is the best in the business and has also worked with the likes of U2, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones.
From listening to stories about hedonistic rock ‘n’ roll parties with Jimi Hendrix, to travelling to the legendary Rancho de la Luna, On the Road is a series that will bring viewers some amazing stories from the road, and pays tribute to the travelling rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.
Stays tuned to and for the series’ premiere in mid-September, and witness the lives of the people who have carried the heavy sound of Marshall across the world for half a century.

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