OpticBac – Keep on moving

There’s nothing worse than a dodgy tummy whilst on the trip of a lifetime, and whilst it’s not something we’re keen to discuss when it happens to us, we’re more than happy to laugh at other’s misfortune. But it’s not just that that is a problem. Sluggish digestion makes you feel tired, causes your skin to look less clear, your hair to become brittle, and just a general lull in your body’s ability to function. It makes sense – if your body is unable to get all of the nutrients it needs, how can it thrive?
Enter probiotics. What are they you ask? Essentially they are the good bacteria. The ones that keep our digestive tract working, the juices flowing and enzymes functioning, these minute microorganisms are so essential to our physical and mental health. You can get them from fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut and tempeh. As most people can barely pronounce these, let alone include them in their diet, many find they benefit from probiotic supplementation.
But, these live creatures, to stay alive, usually need refrigeration. Not much use when backpacking around the world. Enter OptiBac. A family run business based in Hampshire, they produce a range of probiotic formulas targeting special needs such as travel, bloating, boosting the immune system and cholesterol reduction – all in tablet forms that do not need to kept cold, so are handy to carry with you.
I took one a day for my time in Asia, and they worked, keeping me one of the healthiest people on the trip, despite my indulgence in new foods and street eating. Comparatively well priced, and convenient, they will definitely be a travel staple for me in the future. I’m also a convert to the benefits of probiotic, and stocking up as we speak.
Here’s to a functioning body.

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