Once upon a time there was a (very talented) man with a guitar. He played folk style music, engaging crowds with his melodies and musings. Then one day he played with the The Southbank Sinfonia resident orchestra, and 8 members later, a musical beast was formed, all thrashy drums, whirling wind, bubbling brushes and everything in between. Orlando Seale & The Swell is as much a visual experience as an auditory one, with every corner of the stage every second being the home of something new and something dazzling.  Intoxicating to the extreme, the songs unfold with passion and precision, exploring a landscape often untouched. Live there are some elements of Arcade Fire going on, the grand sounds swelling (apologies) and abating, luring you in to the epic soundscape but all the while feeling like your best friend, holding your hand as you enter, as well as some Nick Cave esque vibes via the variegated sounds and syncopated personalities brimming over. And a little bit of Pulp in there (thank you Ned from August & After for confirming this, I thought it was just my Jarvis coloured goggles).  Clearly gifted, Orlando Seale is incredibly talented, and each song is arranged intricately, composition and harmony being of great importance. But what makes them captivating and compelling is the huge dollop of fan with which they perform. Crackling with eccentricity and electricity there is always the feeling that things could erupt any way, marvellous and fizzing tectonic plates constantly shifting, always engaging, always brilliant. Latest single Dance Little Man is available now.

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