Pandorasdiary – Smell The Roses

Some artists are true creatives, refusing to accept the status quo and pushing forward with new and innovative ways to create music and share those sounds. Pandorasdiary is launching a video of a flashmob tour during rush hour in London – playing the song in 5 different locations, gathering friends along the way. ‘London can be hectic and sometimes we forget to stop and see the beauty of the city we live in or to smile. This song is an anthem to being in the moment.’  
The video is filled with five flash performances across London during the rush hour with lots of beautiful people, singing and waving flowers.Anything that reinforces the need to live mindfully, seizing the passions of the day and throwing ourselves into them, whilst at the same time being a homage to the best city in the world, makes me bloody happy and deserves to be shared.

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