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Papier Tigre – The Beginning and End of Now

Collectif Effervescence

Francesca Baker

We get sent a lot of promo CDs, our inbox is bursting, and we go to a fair amount of gigs. It‘s not a bad life at all, but there‘s not time to review everything. So sometimes, on quieter evenings, we like to play lucky dip, and pull out a CD that has been collecting dust in our (heavily underlined) ‘TO REVIEW‘ pile. This time it‘s the turn of Papier Tigre. Now I wish we‘d got round to listening to their latest album ‘The Beginning and End Of Now’ sooner. Like a stripped back Foals, the sound is one of confident disjointed beats, smoothed off with a Eric Pasquereau’s voice that whilst not always lyrical, sounds lived in (and nothing like he runs around in a Breton top and onions). Like the parts of a machine all elements click together, but always with the lopsided lilt that suggests that at any moment it may all descend in to chaos. Abstract art-rock or pared down punk pop, Papier Tigre are hard to define, but may well be one of the best things since sliced…baguette?

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