Penguin Prison
Michael Huggins reviews Penguin Prison’s eponymous album…

Chris Glover aka Penguin Prison releases his self titled album after mixing songs for the like of Marina and the Diamonds and Goldfrapp. It brings a disco tem across that begins in Don’t F*** With My Money and doesn’t stop its unrelenting vibes until the end of Someone Got Everything. Though it conjures up images of Disco Stu from The Simpsons at points, this album is being released at a prime time as classic music genres from the 60’s and 70’s rocket their way back into mainstream listening. Hell, everyone enjoys a little disco dancing here and there.
Glover catches the very essence of disco music and mixes it in his own special way to bring one of the happiest albums in a long time. Perfect to listen to in the sun and enjoyable enough to cheer you up on the rainy days yet to come this year. Although this form of music isn’t to every man, women and child’s taste around the world, its certain to entice those who enjoy a good dance. Just watch for your Nan at the next wedding you go to, I can guarantee you, its this she is dancing to and I bet she dances like there’s no tomorrow.

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