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Peter Darling – Vermilion Bay

Simmering with haunting vocals and swoops of quivering mournful guitar, Peter Darling‘s new track Vermilion Bay is a glorious and hypnotic contemplation on life, death, and the little moments in the middle. Like the sun lowering itself in the sky, or the changing autumnal leaves, there’s an inevitable maudlin beauty to the track, which is the first to be taken from the Mary Lou EP, out on April 6th. Telling the tale of Mary Lou Fontenot, a 22 year old from Louisiana who was murdered in 2010, it explore themes of memory, life and tradition, following the flow of Cajun funeral customs. Recorded on his mobile phone and mixed on his Mac in order to get a lo-fi, old vinyl hum and fuzz, and written according to the parameters set up by his chosen story and the themes wrapped within it, it’s a challenging and clever accomplishment from the Leeds based singer songwriter. Vermilion Bay emits a bittersweet glow, poignant and lingering long after its four minutes are over. Trembling beautifully in its melancholy, this one man eulogy fizzes with unbroken spirit and exquisite passion, and is a sad joy to hear.

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