Rousing, defiant, exciting and vigorous, Polica have shared their new single Forget Me Now. From its sparse opening to melodic verses and more intense interludes and rhythmic chorus, it’s the second song off new album When We Stay Alive, due January 31st via Memphis Industries.

”Forget Me Now’ is letting off some steam. It’s about recognizing a pattern of choosing people who can’t love you how you wish to be loved. It’s still remaining very grateful, counting blessings day and night; but don’t confuse being at peace with being a pushover”, says singer Channy Leaneagh. “I think I wrote these words while angry-shoveling this winter. How does it go? ‘Choose a liar once and that’s the liar’s fault; choose a liar three times and it seems maybe I likes liars?’ All the songs are about me and none of them are; this isn’t an excerpt from my diary but it has been many times.’

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