Polly Scattergood

Other Too Endless

Label: Mute
Release Date: 23/02/09
A graduate of the infamous Brit School, it would be possible to dump Polly Scattergood in with Adele, Lily, Kate and all her peers. Along with the story telling skills of her school cronies, Scattergood harks back to the 80s, just like Ladyhawke and La Roux, combining these styles with Kate Bush-eque snarls and whispers. Tapping into all the trends that are propelling female singers at the moment, Polly is well founded to go on and do well.
‘Other Too Endless’ manages to combine a multitude of elements to create a direct pop song that embeds itself in your brain, but I’m not sure it every reaches the soul. The disco beats from a cello, whispers and shouts, repetion of “die die die” followed by whispering ethereal questions, and the strict beat underneath a voice that occassionally sounds as though it is wobbling, breaking under emotion – it could so easily be a case of too many cooks spoil the broth, but actually creates a killer tune. Pulsing yet frail, ordinary yet spellbinding, dark yet delicate, Scattergood’s eclectic style is befitting of her name. This tight music interlaced with vulnerable lyrics conveys the image of a girl with insecurities who needs to keep going, keep her strong front on.


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