Released on 5th December 2011, on Labour of Love.

Reviewed by Francesca Baker

Another feverishly ambitious track from Post War Years All Eyes follows the blueprint set by 2009 debut The Greats and The Happenings and takes it to architecturally impressive heights. Slightly soothing yet unhinged melodies from lead vocalist Simon create a welcoming and stealthy atmosphere. Forty-five seconds in a crashing of strings turns the pace and volume up, and from here on an increasingly fervid intensity reverberates. A broad montage of sounds and instruments fly in, some of apparently from nowhere, yet some how sound like they are meant to be. Volleying between the violent and whimsical, abrasive guitars and monomaniacal drum beats march the song along, until Simon’s looping ‘all the time in the world’ competes with lashing vocals from the rest of the band, culminating in a gloriously abrasive crescendo before snapping into dribbling electrics. Wonderful.

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