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Protect Your Ears Before It's Too Late..

We are all passionate about music. It’s why we write this website, and it’s why you read it. There are few things better in the world than discovering a band and standing right at the front of a gig, so you’re sweaty and involved, right by the speakers, singing along at the top of your voice to each word of every song.
Unfortunately, the more you do this the more damage you’ll be doing to yourself, unless you take action now. Tinnitus is a condition that can be caused by loud noise, whether that be for a long duration or just a few seconds, that causes a constant ringing in the ears. It is common among many major music stars today – Chris Martin, Plan B and Gary Numan have all spoke of their condition, and the damaging impact it has had on their careers.
We have recently teamed up with Protection4Hearing to test out their in-ear moulded plugs. Prior to receiving these we were a little sceptical – we love watching bands, and surely having your ears blocked will damage that experience? We were wrong. The custom mould and the high quality of the plugs, as oppose to the free ones you often receive at gigs, means that the volume is simply ‘turned down’ rather than distorted. The transparent design also means that they are more or less invisible, and they are easily inserted and removed from the ear.
Wearing high quality earplugs, such as these from Protection4Hearing, will ensure that we can continue to discover bands, and enjoy them right from the front. Tinnitus is a serious condition – make sure you protect yourself now.

Many thanks to Monika at Protection4Hearing for supplying the earplugs used to sample for this article. Monika can be contacted on

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