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A couple of years ago, inspired by our love of music and words, we gathered together stories written by lots of talented people to curate the Stories from Songs project, a collection of short stories inspired by lyrics from songs, a zine of the stories, and an event where talented musicians performed covers of the songs and actors performed and read aloud.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the release of Pulp’s Different Class we asked people to do the same with some of Jarvis Cocker’s finest songs.

Jarvis Cocker’s lyrical genius, acerbic wit and perceptive eye are one of the elements that enabled Pulp to connect so well back in the nineties, and continue to transcend the vagaries of time to communicate with individuals so acutely.In his book Mother, Brother, Lover Jarvis (as well as acknowledging that his lyrics are ‘alright’) states that his songs are always about narrative. It’s the story that matters.

Songs may be a story about a character. The lyrics could be shrewd and perceptive observations that make a comment on life. Or they may be an interesting blend of words and phrases that trigger an emotional response in you. You may see a tale within the tune. Or one which goes beyond its final chords. Explore what happens to the character once the song ends. Take the title and spin your own fantasy from it.

Or something else entirely.

This is the result. This is Pulp Fiction.

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