Released 13th August 2012

Not that I can confess to being a music expert but this new release from Random Impulse is definitely worth a listen. Hit me at first like a cross between Arctic Monkeys and Proff Green, with shades of reggae and an unmistakeably British grit that you might expect from Pulp or the Sex Pistols. I don’t have a lot of time and as a result I only tend to listen to something I can pick up easily and this band definitely has the ability to write catchy but edgy tunes, dealing head on in The Heroine with drug addiction while I Don’t Really Care puts on the familiar face of British youth against the ‘system’. The background guitar riffs and strong drum beat pursue me long after switching off this record and I would bet money that these guys are well worth seeing live, I will certainly be making the trip to Leeds Cockpit when they visit on their upcoming tour this autumn. My only reservation is that their sound is perhaps a bit too similar across the songs I heard but this has worked for plenty of bigger bands and while they build their fan base, why not stick to what you know?

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