Femergy, Menergy
Off course the temptation is to write ‘smenergy’, but despite the awful monikers, and relentless teasing from my boyfriend’s friends’ (I can’t find it on the internet mate, it’s made up, a chemical fabrication, you’ll grow horns or something) our three week trial of these new products from BetterYou has had as if not bounding out of bed at a sparrow’s fart as my dear old Dad would say singing ‘All things bright and beautiful’, certainly feeling a bit more of a spring in my step. Both are made from nature’s super food energy boosters, including Peruvian Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Brazilian Ginseng, Cayenne Pepper, which is apparently a far healthier way of getting some much needed vigour than a triple shot latte. By stimulating the flow of carbohydrates which increases blood flow to the vital organs, both act as herbal energy booster and have memory enhancing properties. I’ve definitely felt more alert over the last few weeks, and been able to focus with more clarity.  As for the other promise, that Femergy also acts as a libido booster…well, a lady never tells…
You can pick the products up for £10.20 for 60 capsules from www.betteryou.uk.com, or from selected independent health stores nationwide.

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