Raving into the day

So this is what happened when I woke up at 6 am to go to a rave. Sober.
You could be in bed right now’ roars the MC from the stage. Until a few minutes ago I was thinking the same thing – now I don’t want to be anywhere else. Music pumping, bodies jumping, beats thumping and all that – starts to get a girl moving.
I’m not the only one. All around me are people with their hands in the air, legs pulsing, hips thrusting and rave moves in action. UV paint adorns the faces of the singing crowd, as lights strobe down and Ibiza DJs bust out tunes from the industrial size speakers. Mode, Westbourne Park is the perfect location, all quirky decor with a plane suspended from the ceiling, balconies upon which to see the dancers and be seen dancing, and more than one bar.
So why would I have considered being in bed? Well, it’s 7am. I had to get a bus in the rain to get here. And I am stone cold sober.
Welcome to the new style of rave. Welcome to Morning Glory Ville.
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