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Rose Windows – Rose Windows

Rose Windows is blues of the people, the soundtrack to life – a sprawling lush dirge of psych melodies and reverberating melodies, thrusting forward with swagger and a little vulnerability. The Seattle-based sextet, fronted by Chris Cheveyo, blend the talents and interests they all bring, with post rock, jazz and grunge all making their appearance. There’s a constant switch between forceful swagger and nonchalant meander, the interplay of the two being where Rose Windows really come alive. Rabin Qazi’s vocals have a sensual grit to them, particularly on Glory Glory with its a riotous rushing beat, grooving along to a flute meshed melody, and Blind, a wandering tale of change and journey. Come Get Us Again is rousing and expansive, and opener Bodhi a nod to awakening and newness. Intense, and exciting.
And now, it’s all over. Sadly the band split just before the release of this sophomore album, but with such talent and drive, chances are that you will see them again soon in different guises, with different sounds, but just as much passion.

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