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Saint Agnes – The Death Or Glory Gang

It’s noisy – but then street harrassment and violence isn’t something you should be quiet about. Riffs fly and drums clatter in an intense fury as Saint Agnes fizz with dynamic connection on new song The Death or Glory Gang.

Saint Agnes will release their debut vinyl EP on October 12th via their own Death Or Glory Gang Records. The new video of the same name is a feminist revenge fantasy filmed by Steve Glashier highlighting street harassment.

Of the film co lead Kitty says ‘I think it’s messed up that street harassment is such a normalised part of being a woman. Every woman I know has experienced it, whether it’s catcalling, verbal abuse, intimidation, being followed. It’s such an everyday experience that you learn, from a really young age, to just let it go. Except often I’m filled with rage. Glashier asked me what I wanted to make a video about and this seemed an opportunity to take that deep burning rage and use it for something. He asked me what I would do in a consequence-free, dream reality, ‘I’d take a baseball bat to them’ was my response. So we jumped in the car and started filming. The sad irony is that even during the shoot a car slowed and began shouting stuff out the window, they sped away when they saw that I wasn’t on my own. So this video is my revenge fantasy; it’s my rage enacted, my fury on film.’

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