Sean Taylor – River

Groove and rolling rhythms reminiscent of Steely Dan or a chilled Hendrix under cockney rhymes and chatting poetry, River is Sean Taylor‘s ode to the ‘Sweet Thames, a river with its amphetamine beat that shakes the golden sky.’ The song is a musical tome capsule, a love letter and a worshipping hymn, London having infiltrated and instigated his life. Religious imagery, such as the trinity of ‘birth, life and death’ or the city ‘as burn of lights burning eternal’ when viewed from Primrose Hill, merge with specific memories of concrete places such as Dublin Castle or a Brixton rave, night buses and indie chic. I am a total sucker for any art about London, loving the city almost as much as I love music, so Sean was always onto a winner for me, but this is elegant, emotional and excellent.

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