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Secret Rivals – Start Fires

Kittiwake Records
Michael Huggins

When listening to Secret Rivals’ debut EP you instantly get the sense that they enjoy writing their music. The upbeat feel to each song, especially the first track ‘It Would Be Colder Here Without You’, catches you and pulls you in, and mood permitting even makes you break into a smile. This is soon followed by ‘Slow Learner’, a song that opens with a guitar riff not far from the sound of pop/punk rock legends Blink 182 and carries on to blend it with clearly sounding British Indie beats and vocals. This combination leads to a song that would easily be at home on programmes such as ‘Skins’ and festivals such as T in the Park. ‘Prone to Explosions’ is a perfect finale to this EP in that it leaves you wanting more. In a way this could also be one of the downfalls of this little number.

You don’t get the sense that the band has varied very much or strayed from a sound they have become calmly comfortable with, however, this isn’t to say its a bad EP, quite the contrary, being released just before the summer means that it quickly slots itself into any music lovers ‘Playlist for the Summer’.

Personally, I think this band have created a firm foothold on their music career, not shying away from playing their own music and bringing a new, bold mix of Indie beats and Pop/Punk riffs that will allow them to shine in a music industry that so quickly overlooks up and coming bands. I believe that anybody who listens to this EP will instantly fall in love with it and like all good music, each and every listener will have a different reason for their love.

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