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September 2010 – Welcome!

Hello one and all!
Yet again, you are reading our lovingly pieced together zines, taking in the words so carefully crafted, practically inhaling the musical mojo that proliferates the bands in these pages. Ah, music. Doesn’t it ruddy rock?
Although sometimes subject to slurs, tarnished with those dirty words decadence and hedonism. Everyone knows that the devil on the left shoulder whispering to you to go to a gig, have a few drinks, and dance the night away is the kind of friend you really want. A hell of a lot more fun than the one your mum would rather you hang around with, the pure angel on the right, pulling at your conscience to do good deeds, raise some money for charity, support good causes, and generally score karma points.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could be naughty and nice? Have a sore head but a warm heart.
The long term relationship between Glastonbury and Greenpeace, the charity singles that we buy as long as we never have to listen to them, even Live Aid, demonstrate that good music and good deeds can be bedfellows. The fact that we love a good tune AND we’re good people means that this year we are putting on some gigs in support of Oxjam, the music festival from Oxfam.
Since the first festival in 2006, more than 36,000 musicians have played to over 750,000 people at around 3,000 Oxjam events nationwide. This has raised more than £1.2 million for Oxfam: enough to buy 10,619 emergency shelters, 48,000 goats and 705 classrooms. Not bad for a good night out.
Come and show your support on Sat 18th Sept and Fri 24th Sept at the King’s Head in Acton. £3 for really decent live music in West London – can’t argue with that. And I mean really good bands. The kind that have been chosen by legendary Italian design house Valentino’s to front their campaign (Rubicks), been played on the BBC by Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq (Alphabet Backwards) and praised by the NME (End Of Level Baddie). Bands that have rocked out at the birth of pop music The Cavern Club (Projekt) or even broken records by being the youngest band ever to play Glastonbury (The Theory of 6 Degrees). Bands described as ‘too good to be true’ by UK Music Review (The Volitains), all alongside a debut performance from local talent (Bible John and the Reptiles).
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Dan and Cesca

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