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Skinny Lister – Forge & Flagon

Skinny Lister

Forge & Flagon

Released 11th June on Sunday Best

Colours was both lovely, a quaint and simple love song, and Rollin’ Over the kind of rambunctious roaming track that gets the feet a clipping and the hands a clapping. So on hearing the two tracks on that AA side, Rollin Over/Colours from Skinny Lister, I was keen to hear the album. Error. Whilst the occasional piece of reeling folk makes people smile, ten songs of this combo of Floggin’ Molly meets The Pogues has a short shelf life, and grates on the patience levels.  Sea shanties, banjos and barn rocking ditties have their place, but unless accompanied by something new, that place is on a boat/field/barn (delete as appropriate.) Billed ‘the hardest working band in Britain’ by the Evening Standard, on the basis of numerous festival appearances and a place on the Warped Tour where they visit 41 US states, and with smiles aplenty, especially in this year of jubilee jamborees, you can’t hate them. It’s just tough to like them.
Skinny Lister – available for functions at your local village hall soon.
Listen to the album sampler here…

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