Sky Larkin have a special place in my heart. The first band I saw when I moved to London five years ago, alone in the big city other than the buzzing music scene I moved here for, and the first band I saw in the awesome city of Leeds at The Brudenell Social Club. Those intervening years from their formation in 2005 has seen them become more polished, and no doubt learn a lot from some of their Wichita label mates, with a few collaborative projects have been in the works, singer Katie Harkin having been on the road playing with Wild Beasts and drummer Nestor Matthews getting behind the kit with Menace Beach and Giant Fang.
They are back fully as Sky Larkin, with new single Loom,  from their new album Motto, out 16th September. Starting with gentle vocals from Harkin, a drum beat quickly enters to kick off this sparky and soulful riotous pop song,the drumming rush at 1 minute 50 building to end this tasty morsel of anger at that ever lingering  ex-lover. Wonderful.
Catch them all over the country this autumn and pre order Motto here.


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