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Smith Westerns – 3am Spiritual

Oozing from its dreamy little pores Flaming lips influences, specifically the beautiful Do You Realize? Smith Westerns latest single 3am Spiritual is something of a departure in style and pace from previous work, but still full of influences from days gone by. Dreamy yet exuding confidence it is ill of skewed summer vies flowing from the heart and the head, Cullen Omari vocal lead supported by layer upon layer of gentle harmonies and lush reverberating tones. Opening with the killer line ‘It’s easier to think you’re dumb’ it is a breezy ode to the seventies, a sudden judjudjud on he piano at the three minute mark giving way to a grand but short guitar solo. File by Todd Rundgreen and listen to before watching Almost Famous, and watch Sunday afternoon cares melt away. From new album Soft Will out now on Mom & Pop Records.

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