Nightwater Girlfriend is the first single from Missouri-based indie-pop trio Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin‘s has forthcoming, and fourth, album, Fly By Wire. A blisteringly brilliant mix of slightly scuzzy riffs, a thumping beat and a curiously sweet lyrical lilt. In an amazing story, the album was recorded in Russia back in January, where the band met with Yeltsin’s close friends and personal translator (who gifted them seven bottles of expensive Russian vodka). Starting with a simple beat, evolving into some shoegaze fuzz, and ending in a soft and yearning voice, via riotous choruses, it’s something to behold.
Fly by Wire is released on 19th September.
1. Harrison Ford
2. Young Presidents
3. Cover All Sides
4. Lucky Young
5. Ms. Dot
6. Loretta
7. Unearth
8. Bright Leaves
9. Nightwater Girlfriend
10. Fly By Wire

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