Only a few weeks after subscribing to satellite television my father was regretting it. A teenage girl obsessed with music with over twenty music video channels unleashed on her, and a remote control to navigate by. I soon became more than aware that music was not just about the sound and the sonic but could be enhanced by the spectacle that accompanied it.
This is what Spectacle, a new exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne are well aware of. A celebration of the music video, the exhibition holds over 300 clips spanning all genres of music. Covering ninety years from 1920s jazz videos to the current social sharing craze like Gotye’s Somebody That I Use To Know. Focusing on the 430 million viral sensation, the artistic elements that make it up, the epic, the montage and the mash up. Split into nine thematic sections it is an exhibition that tells a narrative of creativity and colour, art and amour, sight and sound….
Read more at Aphra magazine or Reel Good. (whoops)

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