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Sunshine on a rainy day

It’s summertime, and with the longer days, BBQ evenings and buckets and spades comes a desire to infuse some of that summer feeling into everything. A bit of frivolity, joie de vivre, light heartedness. And everything includes our clothing and accessories. Sarah Nettleton, Founder and Designer, of aMuse Fashionsaims to bring a bit of the season into her jewellery pieces, and the Paper Sailboats, Fish ‘N’ Chips and Lollipop collections are perfect for this.
But as I found out from her, it’s far more complex than simply looking at a bucket and spade.
Sarah started out working on large scale sculptural pieces. As her passions and work progressed, she sought to transfer some of the skills and materials into jewellery. Like many women, she saw a problem, identified an solution, and a lot of hard work later it became her livelihood. “I started making jewellery mostly because I wanted certain looks that I could not find in the shops. I started doing it as a business when I realised that more people might be interested in my creations.”
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