Released 25 Nov 2011

Reviewed by Michael Huggins

You may be forgiven for believing that I love rock music above all other genres, and partly yes I do, but I have a justified reason. Rock makes everything better, especially if it’s British or Irish. But anyway onto the review, I’ve been listening to the EP of Susie Soho, an Irish-based alternative group who, with cunning ease, are rocketing into the limelight they deserve. After being nominated for a Meteor award (Ireland’s equivalent of the Brits) and playing Oxygen, a festival I’m sure you’re all more than aware of, they have released their EP Twelve Twenty Seven, a four track preview that, as soon as I started playing it, caught my attention.
This is British Rock at its absolute stellar best.
A subtle blend of soft lyrics reminiscent of Snow Patrol and riffs and beats that echo the sounds of U2 capture you and drown your senses in melodies that could entrance you for hours. The first track Your Way or Not At All is a perfect opener to any EP and it’s no wonder that it is also their first video. It is a song that hails from the heart of these performers and is projected from them to the listeners with ease. Stand Up, the second song shows an American influence on the band and this casually blends into the clearly British track, Making Taste.
Eye for an Eye rounds off this EP and delivers a calming, yet bewitching, blow of traditional British rock lulling you into listening over and over again. Listening to this EP restores some of my lost faith in our home-grown music, and I think we should all look towards our Gaelic cousins and how Susie Soho, as a band, are carving their names into our world, whether we like it or not. Well done guys, I look forward to the next dose of your masterfully crafted music and I challenge anybody to listen to this group only once. Believe me, you WILL want seconds.
[vimeo w=400&h=225]
Susie Soho – Your Way or Not At All from NiallC on Vimeo.

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