Swinging East!

It might not have actually been a total blast, being bunged in a bunker whilst bombs rained down around you, but the passing of time and a healthy dose of nostalgia has seen ‘the blitz spirit’ pass down as legend. Bringing the good times camaraderie back to the East in 2014, and specifically the Village Underground, Bourne & Hollingsworth are once again decking the halls with authenticity with The Blitz Party. It’s like passing through the alley in Goodnight Sweetheart. Sandbags line the walls, and army clad men lean up against them. Girls with red lips and Oxo legs compete with one another and the service vehicles for attention. Live bands make everyone swing, in mood and music, and the Union Jack bunting rouses pride and passion. All that buoyancy needs sustenance, and so there’s Kent’s Spitfire Ale for the lads and cocktails in jam jars for the girls, alongside hearty warming food purchased with ration books (what else?).
If you want to practise your steps, here are some swinging wartime tunes to get in the mood:

Images courtesy of The Blitz Party.

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