Sykur @ Above Audio/The Great Escape 2012

Review by Sophie Kostrowski
From the first moment you hear Sykur you will be left with one question – Why have I not heard this band before?! Everyone you know will think they have the latest band that you need to listen to, but from the moment I heard Sykur I knew that they were real deal. How did I know? Well it helped that their catchy sound and happy beats nestled deep into my mind and I couldn’t stop singing for the rest of the day.
I have been to many gigs over the years but Sykur brought an energy to the stage that that was as infectious as their electro pop beats. Having first seen them at the Camden Barfly, where they created a cloud of happiness that penetrated into the core of everybody, I couldn’t wait to see them at Above Audio. I have to say they did not disappoint and they definitely kept the audience entertained. Their music has elements of great classic 80’s electro, think Human League and Dead or Alive, and then add to the mix Agnes’ energetic vocals and you certainly have one of the sounds of 2012.
With the band coming from Iceland I am not too sure when they will be back in London but as soon as they are I will definitely be there. A band to watch for sure!
Check out Sykur‘s track Curling below:

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