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Telegram – Follow

This London based band are pretty new, and back in July when I played Telegram‘s Follow my radio show Thoughts & Rhythms had literally just started gigging. That didn’t stop everyone clambering over them and raving though, and their sessions with Marc Riley generated waves, as well as helping them capture the eye of Martin Hall, who has invited them to join his management company Hall or Nothing, alongside The Manics. Cynics may say that being pals with TOY, Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs and The Horrors has pushed along their recent success, but those of us more charitable recognise that maybe this is the root of a buzzing scene. Plus, they rock. Having been gigging away they are now ready to release the fuzzy, frantic , and frankly fucking brilliant Follow on their own GramGram label on the 4th of November 2013. Check out those final riffs before a final chord that is just begging to be draped in reverb at the live shows. Which handily enough are also scheduled

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