Despite their vibrant name, and the fact that their new single Pseudocide sways like one who has overdosed on cherryade and blue smarties, NYC’s The Colorines can be dark – although in quirky ways. ‘Everybody said I was gay, and everyone thinks I’m retarded’ they croon, telling a tale full of glorious gallows humour at the freedom that might come from faking your own death. With a merry-go-round lucky bounce to it, the track bounds along, meditatively looping with a circus style psychedelic feel that would have made John Lennon (circa 1967) very happy indeed. Luminous acoustic guitars and smokey melodica arpeggios, a fluffy tickling drum beat, and a weary vocal comprise the arsenal of intoxicating sounds that Robosco, Dwreck, Ozkr and Grim, who formed earlier this year, demonstrated on their recent Paleontology EP. Pseudocide continues on the same trajectory. Fans of foxes should look away now.

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