At times rootsy, at times rocking Pennsylvanian The Districts are a complex bunch, especially given that none of them are yet at the legal drinking age in their home country. 4th and Roebling is the lead single from their new album A Flourish and Spoil and is drenched with that east coast garage freneticism that makes for such infectious and rousing rock’n’roll. The intro is not dissimilar to The Strokes’ New York City Cops, albeit a bit more stripped back and there’s a boozy and bluesy swagger to the track (named after the first place they parked their car during their first trip into New York to play a gig). It struts with confidence at the same as melting down in a complex and fraught fuzz. It’s a testament to life as being saturated with the good and the bad, the flourishes and the spoils, an energetic and uplifting rawness pervading the brisk and pacey tune. Basically, it’s a belter.
A Flourish and Spoil is out now on Fat Possum Records.

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