There’s nothing better than enthusiasm and an DIY attitude  especially when the output is so good. The Garage-Live TV, a series of six hafl hour programmes is a new show in the North East showcasing local talent and the myriad musical output from the region.


Musicians and creative artists from across the region came together to record the 45 min programme at North East Recording studios based at The Garage, South Shields.

Inspire by the 1980s TV show The Tube, produced in Newcastle for Channel 4 by Tyne Tees Television and presented by Jools Holland and Paula Yates, the project was started by Chay Blyth, and has been produced entirely by volunteers, who recognise the value of supporting their local music scene.
Colin Simpson, cameraman for the show says that ‘It’s nigh on impossible to get heard if you’re from anywhere north of Manchester, which is a shame because there’s hundreds of really hard working bands round here that are just as good, if not better, than what’s being mass-marketed nationally and internationally, they just haven’t had a national platform until now.’
Come Autumn the show will be aired on Sky TV, but until then, catch the first episodes here, or have a look at the trailer for episode five below…

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