British Pop/Punk at its best!
Michael Huggins reviews, the Brit Pop/Punk act, The Hype Theory’s new single Kid At Heart…

You know a band is good when the memory of them live remains in your head, but it takes a friend you didn’t know at the time to play you a random song for it to all come rushing back to you. Honestly, it happens. I think the best thing about this band is the sounds they have blended together. The best of British Pop/Punk such as You Me At Six and Kids in Glasshouses with the US Pop/Punk sound of Paramore.
The guitar riffs fit perfectly to the vocals of Katy Jackson, as easy on the ears as she is on the eyes. Even their looks screams Pop/Punk! I’m sure this band will continue to rise in Britain and it may even mean they reach the States, though the Yanks don’t have as brilliant a taste in music as us Brits. The first song on this single, ‘Kid At Heart’, is infectious at its best and damn right addictive at others and the acoustic version of it on track 3 brings a new light on the song, the instruments and the vocals. The second song ‘These Are The Times’ has a much stronger sound of the Pop/Punk scene from across The Pond, borrowing chords from Paramore and putting them in the order they should have been.
A perfect band, a perfect cd and a perfect look for today’s Pop/Punk scene in Britain. Well done to The Hype Theory for bringing that which was missing to the British Pop/Punk fans.

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